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Reasons for dressing up well during lockdown

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Reasons for dressing up well during lockdown Empty Reasons for dressing up well during lockdown

Message par Admin Ven 23 Oct - 10:12

When following routine, we feel like everything is under control. But during this coronavirus lockdown, we have to be locked in our houses trying to keep ourselves safe and sane. For many ladies, it might seem like there is no reason to wake up and get ready. Dressing up every day can play an important role in keeping you happy, active and positive. Just like you used to do while going to work, make an effort every day to freshen and dress up.
Quarantine means you don't have to go out but it also means that you should be productive. Make sure you stay fresh and dress up and this will motivate you to run errands at home. Wear clothes that will brighten your mood and help you function better. Also, quarantine is the best time to experiment with what you were too scared of wearing. Combine different clothes and come up with unique outfits. Even if you make blunders at least no one will know about them because you are at home.
By the end of lockdown you will at least have an idea on clothes that you should buy and ones that you shouldn't. Try out clothes that are usually not worn in your closet because you have no idea whether they will look good on you or not. Try that cute coat of yours which you haven't worn in years and see the magic you have been ignoring for years.
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When dressed up, those impromptu photo shoots with your friend will be fun. Wear your cheap maxi dresses and take good pictures to remember the lockdown in future. Experiment with everything and pretend you are a fashion blogger and this will help you being idle. At least you will have good stories to tell your kids when they ask for pictures during lockdown. Getting dressed and sharing those looks online is a good way to preserve a sense of identity and routine when so much of the world feels like its spinning out of control.
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