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Wardrobe basics 8every woman should have in her closet.

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Wardrobe basics 8every woman should have in her closet. Empty Wardrobe basics 8every woman should have in her closet.

Message par Admin Mar 20 Oct - 15:30

Women have a lot and different requirements than men regarding their closet. Organizing your closet can be made easier when you know what it needs to have for it to be perfect. You don’t have to be very fancy to have a lot of shoes and clothes. Your closet should be simply a collection of your absolute favourite items that makes you happy. That way, stress of looking for what to wear every morning will be reduced. Below are basic items that every woman needs in her closet.

Basic tees.

T-shirts should be staple items in every woman wardrobe simply because of their versatility. You can choose a tee of any colour such as white and pair them with your favourite pair of cheap cardigans, underneath a party skirt. T-shirts can serve well in casual events and that is why a basic one is a must have.
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A leather jacket.

The smartest investments for your wardrobe is a quality leather jacket. The good thing about leather jackets is that they can last for decades when taken good care of. You can choose to throw your leather jacket over white tee and ripped jeans for a great casual look. You can also match it with bodycon dresses for a chic look. Shop for a black leather jacket and boost your wardrobe.

These days’ sneakers practically go with everything compared to the long gone days when sneakers could only be worn over the weekends or saved for workouts only. Match them with anything from cropped trousers to long women dresses. There are a hundred of sneakers designs and one should feel free to try them out and see what looks best for them.
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Well-fitting jeans.

Clothes come and go but jeans have stood the test of time. They are very versatile and thus everyone should own at least one. Jeans can practically be paired with anything from t-shirts to cute tops.
Whatever it is that you normally wear to work, school, dates or any other occasions, having the right essentials in your wardrobe will help you bring out fashionable outfits together. Shop for affordable clothes and shoes at Prestarrs.


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